How to Pay with PalPay

 After adding your products to the cart and registering your account with your mobile number , then proceed with checkout and choose pay with PalPay as payment method , then you can find nearby point of sales shops to pay ( you can refer to below for more info how to find nearby shops) , you must use same mobile number as unique ID.

You can choose either EasyBuy proceed with order automatically after you deposit the cash or you want to proceed manually , in both options you will receive SMS to verify the reeving amount and order process.

Note: when you go to Palpay point of sale shops make sure to ask the representative to pay on EasyBuy account with your name and mobile address, also the payment should equal or more the total amount at checkout, otherwise EasyBuy will not fulfill your orders.


Where to Pay with PalPay

After choosing PalPay as payment method , click in Palpay nearby shops, then choose your city , village to see the closest shops.

How to Verify Payment 

After you pay the amount at PalPay shops you will receive SMS verification from EasyBuy for the paid amount .

Also you can login at Easybuy website to your account and see your wallet balance in NIS.


About PalPay