About the site

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Site registration method

My account

You can register by clicking on the menu sign at the top of the screen from the right side if you are browsing through the mobile or on the top of the screen from the left side if you are browsing through the computer, then click on the login sign, then choose to log in via my Facebook account You can also register in the normal way by adding your name in the English language and your e-mail, and then choose a password consisting of 8 numbers or letters at least


Payment method

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Is the site secure?

Yes, the site is safe, secure, registered on Google’s global servers, and protected with the best global protection and security systems.


Can I get a refund or exchange my merchandise?

Yes, for details click here

Can I track parcel shipment movement?

Yes, you can track the movement of your parcel by logging into your account and then your requests or adding the tracking number to the following website

How to buy and choose products

You can browse the products by choosing shopping now to browse all the products or by choosing the departments and stores to shop according to the departments, when browsing the products you will notice the prices in shekels, including freight rates and also the evaluation stars appear to show the product evaluation according to the opinions of customers after trying the product and you can click on the heart signal to add the product to the favorite for later By buying or following it, when you click on the product image, the product details will appear, including sizes, colors and other specifications that you choose, also you can read the product specifications and browse its image for more details, and you can also read the opinions and comments of customers after trying the product for more confidence when buying, and when Determining the product specifications Make sure that you choose the correct color and size, and at any time you can add the product to the cart to make the payment and complete the purchase.

After adding products to the cart, click on the basket sign at the top of the screen, continue and choose a payment method.

For more information about the payment method, you can watch the video below


Is there an additional charge for shipping?

Yes, the shipping cost is approximately 40 shekels on demand, whether it is one or more products, so we advise customers to buy non-products at once to reduce the cost.


How long is the estimated shipping time until the parcel arrives?

The shipping time ranges from 5 to 12 days via the express delivery service from DHL, for more click here

Receiving the goods

DHL Center will call your phone to receive your package from the nearest center or home delivery

In the event that the customer wants to exchange or return the goods, it will be within 3 days only, and the customer costs the freight value, where if he wants to return he pays the shipping value again, and in the case of the exchange he pays it two more times than the original request, unless the mistake is from Easy Pay, then the shipping costs and return to us

How can I inquire about the parcel status?

You can inquire about the parcel status by entering your account and then to your requests and the parcel status appears if it is pending, under implementation or over, and when your parcel arrives without any problems, it is best to close the parcel case by clicking on the parcel has been received and commenting on the product to help others with the correct choice, and if not The order is closed and 25 days have passed since its shipment, the order will be closed automatically